NotW Caricatures

Main Caricatures:
Murry – Bear
Virgil – Meerkat

On & off Caricatures:
Hank – Beaver
Viktor – Bat
Warden Rayn Jere – The Forest Ranger
Sue – Eagle

New Caricatures??
Carl – Skunk                                                                                                                                              Larry  – The Scottie

Basic Story Line: The narrow stretch of the woods came 1 bear and 1 meerkat, life time friends seeking for adventure in the Nordøstlige bjergkæde (Northeast Mountain Range) and so the story begins in an intense forest trails/lakes/rivers.

Murry is more of a Bear Brother figure, Virgil is up to no good but a fun lovable Rodent.


Virgil 2 Virgil 1


Murry Sketch been croped

More to come

“Every day is an Adventure in Cartooning” Doug Michelsen.