The Cartoon Journey

Starting of something wonderful: Cartooning

How it all began, well, “Neck of the Woods” came up while I was golfing, seeing animals all around and the funny things they do and while seeing SLC in the back ground while playing golf, it connected, why not do a comic in the forest with a bear and a squirrel, then I decide “What the Hell, I’ll do it” so I took the challenge.

Coming up with the caricatures was fun to do and a lot of drawings, at first I started drawing a bear and a squirrel and thought it would be funnier with an rodent on the other side of the world and came up with a meerkat, Neck of the Woods had 2 main Stars,  Murry the Bear  & Virgil the Meerkat.

By the time I got the main caricatures down, I decided to get an Wacom tablet and start learning the way of digital art/cartooning, little different then paper & pencil but fun to use.

I’ll continue to write my journey as I go down the Neck of the Woods.

Been a little slow right know drawing/writing and having my Mom past away and a lot going on in the 2018, this year should be good. so bare with me on my journey 🙂 for having fun with comics.

cropped-2015b904-f4e5-4c50-ba89-8bb7961d39f1  I started a small Utah Art Company (M-Arts) in the med 90’s to present. with my wife Mindy, 3 Daughters, 4 Grand kids and 1 Scottish Terrier (Might put Larry in the comic, will see) as of this date 1/25/19, we have another Scottie – Fergus.

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