My Fast Bio:

I started drawing cartoons in 2th grade and ever since, I been in love with cartoons and animation ever since.

I’ve made comic books since 4th grade to junior high with my friends doing adventures of Elroy and Elvon as well (Trying to find them so I can post)  we also draw Marvel and DC Comic caricatures.

In high school years, I won 1st place for a safety driving poster for UPS “Don’t Back” and had my art in art galleries (Wildlife drawings) then went to collage (UT Trade Tech) in graphic arts and won couple of awards for cartooning. My anatomy teacher in collage made me take a Marvel comic animation test doing Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and passed it, Rick also worked for Xam Prod.
I became an animator for Xam Production and animated Spider-Man, “It’s Punkey Brewster”, Lazer Tag and other 2D animation cartoons  which I still have the contracts for Xams which I’m starting to put into frames, then had an opportunity to work for Disney (Cartoonist/Modeler) and designing sculptures/caricature lamps (I did the drawings) – Like Mickey Mouse/7 dwarfs etc. been to Disney Studios to get our products Approved which was fun, I remember on a Mickey Mouse lamp we did, the red on Mickeys shorts was not the red they wanted, but it was the red they sent us so we had to redo the lamp.

Had a friend Brian that was going to the UofU, he wanted me to do a seminar at the U on Animation/Comics, I said yes and took some of my samples, had to explain start to finish on how it all worked as we as Anime (Japanese Animation) it was fun plus teach them how to draw comic.

Cycling was part of my life with cartooning of course, I raced for 12 years, my first team was Gatheries Cycling team Cat 4, then I moved up to Cat3 and then was sponsored on Fishers Cycling team, Cat 2 Sizzler/Ray Ban/Pepsi Team, my cycling hero was Greg Lemond as well as others, my dream was being on a Pro cycling team and the Tour De France which was one race I dreamed on being on, never made the pro team but got close to it, I did race with cycling pro’s on the REI race I did. I started to race again in 1996 but had to start to Cat 5 and boy was I out of shape 🙂

When I got Married, I started to play a lot of golf which I found out that her uncle is a PGA Professional (Bruce Summerhays) when I started to talk to him about golf it got me really hooked and I became a Professional Golfer (Mini Pro Tours) I remember, well this is off the subject but I remember some of the Pro’s I played with tried to use this mental Shit like, you should just quit, your not that good, you know where the clubhouse is, go home, then I thought “That was some funny Shit right there” (Don’t ever quit on what you want to be) then became a golf Instructor since 2000 and then passed my Professional Golf Coach Cert while doing freelance cartooning at the same time doing tee shirts. when my 2 daughters where in grade school, the teachers found out that I’m an Cartoonist so I had to draw caricature for them on the chalk board and show them the basics on how to draw them using circles and such. fun stuff:)

Right now, me and my wife just started to do Gag/comic strip  “Neck of the Woods” I designing each caricatures and stories/gags which my wife helps with the gags writing, she is a  better writer then me as you can see in my own writing like above 🙂 but anyways, we’ll see where it will take us from here and maybe Sunday morning comics or who knows?

I’ll be doing fun sketches as well, for the hell of it 🙂

and I hope you like our odd funny humor.

Company M-Arts
Doug Michelsen- Cartoonist / Sometimes writer.
Mindy Michelsen – Writer.